Sunday, July 9, 2017

Who Says Rap & Hip-Hop Music Are Always Bad? How the Young Adult Novel, Got the Flow: The Hip-Hop Diary of a Young Rapper, Plans to Change that Perspective

I have to confess that my upcoming book, Got the Flow: The Hip-Hop Diary of a Young Rapper is my current obsession. Everything has become second priority, including writing more quotes, short stories, and articles. I just wanted to take a minute and write about why I am writing this trilogy. I figured that since this is my first novel I’m completed to full-length, others could benefit from my experience. 

There have been plenty of intellectual hip-hop acts like Whodini, Public Enemy, Tupac, Ice-T, N.W.A., and many others. One of my favorites is a Christian rapper named Lecrae (watch his “Blessings” music video).

What I want to do with this book is show that hip-hop and rap music can be an intelligent and inspiring voice for the youth. Teenagers can get so many mixed messages from the music of hip-hop and rap. If you put a controversial or just plain wrong idea over a catchy beat, it can become infectious and spread faster than ever with the hyperconnectivity we all have now with the rising popularity of smartphones.

In this young adult urban fiction novel, the protagonist is sixteen-year-old, gap-toothed Troy Jones. He is passionate about hip-hop and helping his mom get out of poverty. He calls this movement in rap “Intellirap”. He uses the power of hip-hop, rap, the microphone, and voice to pen several songs including “The Scientist Rap” (a rap song about prominent scientists including Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison), “Slim Samurai Rap” (where he makes creative metaphors and similes about his rapping abilities), and “A Rapper’s Prayer” (where he raps to God asking for guidance and strength so he can change the world for the better after his mom has a heart attack). All of these songs are available on my YouTube channel or on soundcloud (downloadable).

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Free PDF Excerpt from the soon-to-be-published Young Adult Fiction Novel Got the Flow: The Diary of a Young Rapper

I am happy you are here and am looking forward to hearing feedback from each and every one of you about what you liked (and didn’t like about this upcoming novel) Got the Flow: The Diary of a Young Rapper. I am writing this book because I have seen (and worked with so many educationally-disenfranchised kids that “hate school and reading”. This book is designed to be engaging and riveting for those students who feel like most books don’t speak to them and can’t connect to the characters of the book.

Book synopsis:
Troy Jones is a 16-yr-old high school student with the dream of becoming a successful rapper. Not chasing fame, Troy wants to help his mother who works three jobs to support her family after Troy’s father was killed as a bystander in a tragic drive-by. Having problems in school, Troy tries to get I.S.S. as often as he can so he can work on his rap lyrics. Mrs. Hass, his science teacher hates rap & hip-hop music and constantly gives Troy a hard time. On the other hand Troy’s English teacher, Mr. Salas, is a beacon of hope and inspiration to the young, aspiring rapper. Mr. Salas provides him with the tools to improve his craft of writing hip-hop lyrics. When Troy’s best friend Jimmy moves to another school, Troy’s opportunity to perform in rap battles arrives. Being a nobody, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Along the way, he meets his idol rapper, a love interest (Tonya), gets his music equipment stolen, and temporarily gives up on his “crazy” dream. He knows that he does not only want to succeed; he needs to succeed.

I hope you are as excited as I am for the completion of this young adult novel! Please consider sending me feedback on what you liked and didn’t like about this excerpt to As a thank-you, I will add your email to my free eBooks email list and will happily send you a copy of the finished eBook when it is published later this year! Free PDF excerpt for download here.

Thank you kindly for reading.
See you on page one,

Carlos Salinas

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3 Free eBooks (Quotes, Poetry, and Short Stories) when you subscribe to email list!

Get all three of my books, The Little Book of Big Quotes Vol. I, The Poems Vol. I, and my soon-to-be-published book of short stories, Short Stories of Love, Hope, and Laughter for free when you subscribe to my email list! #Thankyou for #reading and your continued support :) I wrote #thelittlebookofbigquotes #thepoems and #shortstoriesoflovehopeandlaughter because I wanted there to be a book of new inspirational, motivational, and philosophical quotes to make people think and know themselves better! Share if u like my work just please credit me in any reposts, thanks 4 reading! Picture quotes, free book excerpts, videos, & more @ 

About the Author:
Hello! I am a passionate teacher and writer that loves to create lessons that are interactive, genuine, original and have a purpose. I like to make custom lesson plans and materials that engage my students and help them take ownership for their learning. I have published two books, The Little Book of Big Quotes Vol. I and The Poems Vol. I, on Amazon and am currently working on a YA novel and collection of short stories (excerpts available soon). I hope you find these materials helpful!

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Carlos Salinas

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Engaging Lesson Plan Video guide questions for the Mythbusters episode: Moon landing Hoax.

Video guide questions for the Mythbusters episode: Moon landing Hoax. Great to keep the students focused. Word for word from video. Link to stream episode online as well. Key included.

This lesson is student-centered meaning:
--it allows you to become a facilitator
--happier teachers
--happier students
--happier administrators!

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

An Intelligent Movement in Rap Called #Intellirap

Rap has had a bad rap almost as soon as it began. Let’s start a movement back to intelligent, conscious rap lyrics that speak of actual social, economic, psychological, and political problems; not the stuff that glorifies misogyny, drugs, illegal acts, and violence. There’s a respectful and constructive way to discuss these problems and it’s up to the conscientious rappers and lyricists to show the new generation how artistic and powerful rap and hip-hop can be catalysts for change.
I am actually currently working on a teen and young adult novel tentatively titled: Got the Flow: The Diary of a Young Rapper. It’s about a young man in high school that dreams of becoming a rapper and wants to support his mom, who works three jobs just to make ends meet. He lost his father to gun violence. He slowly begins to realize the power of words and rap thanks to his English teacher Mr. Salas and a serendipitous visit by a prison inmate. He has obstacle after obstacle thrown his way: getting robbed, mean teachers, and truancy problems. I made a rap music video (along with printable lyrics available on the video link below. Excerpts will be posted on my website ( as soon as they become available.

Thank you for always reading,
Carlos Salinas

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Teaching Value of Wikipedia: Why It’s OK for Students to Use it for Research

I know most of you got nervous with that title, but it can help! It’s not the most credible or reliable source but can be a great jump-off point for research because they have an entry for just about anything! Here are some reasons for using Wikipedia in the classroom for research projects. Read more...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Entertaining, Effective, and Engaging English Language Arts Lessons for Students and Teachers

Teaching English Language Arts at any level can be difficult but especially for the middle school level because students are growing up and maturing, starting to date, becoming more and more social online. These original lessons were designed by a teacher for teachers and with students in mind and contain high-level concepts and facts with student-friendly language and formats.
Many of these stories and short stories were written for the reluctant reader; those students that find it hard to find something interesting and engaging to read.  These are considered plot-driven stories where the story is told by quick action, plot development, and meaningful and limited dialogue. The characters in the stories are relatable and appropriate for young people and adults. Students that lose interest quickly or have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit  Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) will be able to better focus and complete these short reading assignments.
Story themes, concepts, and topics include violence, teen romance, gang life and consequences, and other high-interest topics suitable for the urban, at-risk student population. These pieces of short fiction are great for the main focus of a lesson for reading comprehension or as a filler activity when there is extra class time and want to use it wisely.
There’s no better feeling than to watch a student read a great story that they have never read before. Then you are the great teacher that introduced them to that story! These original lessons are usually in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word and so easily customized to your student audience and your teaching style. It is recommended that teacher preview lessons before using them in the classroom. Don’t use what everyone else is using from the textbook; teach your kids in a new, engaging, effective, novel way.
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