Friday, June 17, 2016

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As a special thank-you for all of your support, I am giving away free eBook copies of both of my books (The Little Book of Big Quotes Vol I and The Poems Volume I) this weekend 6/18/16-6/19/16. It starts tonight at midnight and ends Sunday at midnight. Just click here for my Amazon page for you to download your copy in any format you like.

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Carlos Salinas

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

A New Novel in Progress about a Positive Young Rapper (perfect for young, reluctant readers!)

This is a smart, thinking, intelligent rap written by book character Troy Jones from the upcoming book Got the Flow: The Diary of a Young Rapper by Carlos Salinas. The book documents the journal entries of 15 yearr old  high school freshman Troy, whose rap name becomes Battle of Troy when his English class reads the Odyssey. He starts off not really knowing what to rap about, he just knows he has something to say and that Rap is his medium of choice. Guided by his English teacher, Mr. Salas, he starts participating in local rap battles when he realizes that he has the potential to change the world with his words. With Mr. Salas' help, he realizes what his voice in rap is. He soon finds that wrong and rapping about losing his father in a gang robbery, wandering through teen years, and ending ignorance serves as therapy on the mic. The power of words slowly reveals to be life changing for Troy and those around him. Excerpts to be published soon! More at
Thank you for reading!

A thinking rap by character Troy Jones from the upcoming book Got The Flow: The Diary Of A Young Rapper by Carlos Salinas. More at Please share if you liked it and let's start an intelligent movement in RAP (Realizing Actual Problems). Written, produced, and recorded by Carlos Salinas.

I’m a slim samurai comin' straight from the south
That's dope alliteration comin’ straight out my mouth

Cali’s got the weather and they got hills
I’m just a poet... that's flexin’ my skills
Yeah I slay the rhymes, and I kill the hooks
I’m worse than the murderers in horror books

See me flowin’ with the skills of a ninja
Comin straight atcha with the heart of a soulja
Me? I'm just an educated fool 
Not really interested in lookin’ cool
Never been behind bars but I been in school
You gotta use your mind, man, cuz it's the tool

So gimme a clean beat and I will kill it
So gimme a clean sheet and I will fill it
Gimme a 10-second track and you'll start to feel it
These rhymes are my property so don't try to steal it

I can keep it real and I can keep it clean
Cuz life ain't always nice it can be mean
But you gotta stay true and do your thing
Cuz it ain't all about gold and rings

There's more to life than what we see
But it takes an open mind and curiosity
To change the world we gotta change ourselves
It's more than just havin’ books on the shelves

Me? My name is Battle of Troy 
And if you’re looking for rap wisdom then I’m yo boy

Gimme a pen and paper and I’ll make ya think
Open your mind up more than any drug or drink

Oh, yeahhh

My ambitions are simple n
Easy to understand
To make the world better
Is my master plan

How do I plan to do this
You be askin’,
Let’s start by not puttin’ each other in a casket

This is intellirap, somethin’ you never heard
It’s a new, dope mix between a G and a nerd

Since when was being dumb somethin’ cool,
But I’d rather be actin’ right than playin’ a fool

The biggest lie you’ll hear is that it’s good not to know,
But that’s how they keep you from gettin’ the dough