Wednesday, May 4, 2016

For those dedicated teachers

Here's to those teachers...
Who honestly try to see the best potential in each of their students.
Who spend their own money on supplies because it's what the STUDENTS NEED.
Who don't take disrespect/threats/violence personally when the student has deep personal/family/emotional/mental issues.
Who can approach an angry/violent/disrespectful student calmly and honestly try to help them while swallowing their pride.
Who stops the negative outside influence and hate at their door to create a positive, peaceful learning environment at least for that class.
Who, while the world criticizes them and their students, still comes in every day as a new, hopeful day.
Who continue to get up earlier than necessary to do their job well - not for the pay, not for the recognition- but because it needs to get done.
I raise my glass of (orange juice) to those teachers. 

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