Thursday, October 6, 2016

An Intelligent Movement in Rap Called #Intellirap

Rap has had a bad rap almost as soon as it began. Let’s start a movement back to intelligent, conscious rap lyrics that speak of actual social, economic, psychological, and political problems; not the stuff that glorifies misogyny, drugs, illegal acts, and violence. There’s a respectful and constructive way to discuss these problems and it’s up to the conscientious rappers and lyricists to show the new generation how artistic and powerful rap and hip-hop can be catalysts for change.
I am actually currently working on a teen and young adult novel tentatively titled: Got the Flow: The Diary of a Young Rapper. It’s about a young man in high school that dreams of becoming a rapper and wants to support his mom, who works three jobs just to make ends meet. He lost his father to gun violence. He slowly begins to realize the power of words and rap thanks to his English teacher Mr. Salas and a serendipitous visit by a prison inmate. He has obstacle after obstacle thrown his way: getting robbed, mean teachers, and truancy problems. I made a rap music video (along with printable lyrics available on the video link below. Excerpts will be posted on my website ( as soon as they become available.

Thank you for always reading,
Carlos Salinas

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